Ice cream. Agoraphobia. Goals. Dreams. Aspirations. Opinions. Facts. Fears. Hopes.

This blog is about all of that, and more. As a single mother, I don’t often get out to socialize with other adults on a level that is conducive to discussing the things which really matter to me. Therefore, I have chosen to use this blog as my outlet, and you, the lucky reader, get to partake of my garden variety neurosis. As with any good garden, there will be a diverse array of offerings over the course of this blog. Your intellectual palate will be awash in new flavors, new ideas, every time you stop by. and I invite you to savor them. Drink them in. Let them become a part of you, as they have for me. ┬áLet my neurosis become your neurosis.

At this point in my life, I write from the perspective of a sorely disillusioned Christ-follower. I have come to question everything I was taught as a child, and I am finding my way back through the rubble in order to rebuild and reshape what I’ve learned over the years into something that is truly mine.

A couple of things you should know: I believe in ghosts and aliens. I believe in conspiracy theories. I believe it’s outrageous that shoes once worn only by strippers are now becoming part of the every day work attire for women. Why does the shoe have to have a two inch platform and a five inch heel? In any case, I believe we are all connected on a level that is nearly telepathic. I believe we’re all in this together, and our actions and consequences are never just our own. I believe the world could be a better place if we all recognized how alike we are rather than running endless media pointing out our differences.

I believe in the healing power of chocolate, as well as the nearly miraculous transformation that comes with drinking a good cup of coffee.

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